“Footsteps into Change” is a Dutch Foundation that that was founded in 1995 by Ms. Rita Flora van De Looverbosch so as to offer assistance to Ethiopian refugees living in the Netherlands.  Most of them were traumatised from their experience in their fatherland. Most of them went to illegality; they didn’t have a place to stay and had no social facilities. Since 2006, the foundation has been active in Kenya. In 2010, Footsteps into Change was officially registered as an NGO in Kenya. The country is now home for thousands of Southern Sudanese and Ethiopian refugees who fled from war. These refugees are spread over in several refugees camps and in the poor suburbs around big cities. Kakuma in the northwest of Kenya is one of the refugee camps and is situated in the land of the Turkana. Ruiru is one of the areas close to Nairobi where many of these refugees try to survive in.