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welkom01Footsteps into Change is a Dutch Foundation that was founded in 1995 by Ms. Rita Flora van De Looverbosch  to offer assistance to Ethiopian refugees living in the Netherlands. Since 2006, Footsteps into Change has been active in Kenya and has been helping Southern Sudanese and Ethiopian refugees living under miserable conditions in refugee camps in Kakuma and Daadab, by providing medical help, accommodation, clothing as well as sending refugee children and children of their host marginalised community “Turkana” to school. In addition the Turkana community at large lacks clean drinking water and in most cases they suffer from starvation due to severe drought that hits the area often.  Most of these marginalised and underprivileged Turkana are pastoralists and cannot afford to send their children to school.

Therefore, as a way of appreciating the local host communities i.e. the Turkana for accepting to host refugees in their area of Kakuma, we decided to send Turkana orphans to school and to cater for their